The cast of characters in my half-assed world:

Bucket is the husband. He is a very dry, sarcastic Brit. He enjoys math and drinking things with alcohol. We like him because he makes dinner every other day and lets me sleep in one day on the weekends.

Peeta (formerly Tibs) is the son. He is a nine-year-old Ethiopian. He enjoys playing baseball and sweating profusely. We like him because he is completely deranged and he makes me laugh until I cry.

Noodle is the daughter. She is a four-year-old half-breed Brit-erican. She enjoys bossing people around and molesting dogs. We like her because she makes the world’s best angry face and she’s the only person alive who talks more than I do.

Ishy is the dog. He is a maybe 12-year-old rescued black lab from Louisiana. He enjoys sleeping most of the day and eating all of Noodle’s scraps. We like him because he never barks and he loves me best of all.

Mama is me. I am a very tired, grumpy, displaced Mainer. I enjoy sleeping and massages. We like me because it’s my damn blog.


2 thoughts on “Cast

  1. Can’t you get a “Like” button like on facebook for when you write someone funny and we want to give a quick thumbs up, but not a full-fledged comment lest too many comments make us look like overzealous stalkers or people with no lives of our own ?

  2. Oh, the joys of social networking!

    I grew up across Essex Lane from your mother and her family in Davenport. We both graduated from Skidmore, me first in ’69. “Sissy” used to sit in my new husband’s lap when she came to visit us at our 3rd floor walk-up apartment in Saratoga Springs. It was so nice to have a good friend from back home nearby.

    Your stories about motherhood are such fun to read! I hope that you keep copies of your blogs in off-web digital or out-dated paper form. I would love to read them again when you publish your tales of post-childbearing survival.

    Although I teach computer network infrastructure classes, I have not bought into social networking or blogging. You are inspiring me to participate – well, at least read a few blogs that bring back fond memories.


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